Supporting the National Children’s Bureau’s ‘Vision for Recovery in Northern Ireland’

Supporting the National Children's Bureau's 'Vision for Recovery in Northern Ireland'

This week, The Bytes Project has joined over 50 organisations in Northern Ireland to support the National Children’s Bureau’s ‘Vision for Recovery in Northern Ireland’. 

In the coming weeks and months, plans for COVID-19 recovery and redevelopment will be made and implemented in Northern Ireland. We fully support the NCB’s desire that children and young people are placed ‘at that heart of the recovery’. 

The NCB’s message to the Executive begins:

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread, affecting the lives of every child and young person in the country. Our organisations are calling upon the Northern Ireland Executive to set out a new vision of childhood to support children, young people and their families to recover fully from the impact of COVID-19. When we speak of recovery, we do not mean simply going back to how things were before, with rising child poverty and services at breaking point. We urgently need a clear and comprehensive delivery plan for the Children and Young People’s strategy, coordinating and valuing all the resources amongst statutory and VCSE bodies in Northern Ireland.

To read the NCB’s full statement to the Northern Ireland Executive, as well as to see the full list of supporters, click here.


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