Bytes Staff Journeys: Ryan Moorehead

Bytes Staff Journeys- Ryan Moorehead

The Bytes Project works with thousands of young people a year and it is not unusual for individuals who have previously been participants on our programmes or attended one-off sessions run by Bytes staff to end up volunteering or working for us.

To start a new series of articles highlighting the brilliant staff we have here at Bytes, we asked Ryan Moorehead, a Youth Development Worker on the Peace Bytes programme, to talk about his ‘Bytes Journey’ from being a young participant while working at his local youth club to full-time member of staff.

Ryan Moorehead, Youth Development Worker

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Ryan Moorehead, I am 25 years old and have worked in the youth sector since I was 19. I was lucky enough to join the Bytes team back in April 2018 and have loved every minute since! I come from the Greater Shankill area and have lived here my whole life. In my spare time I love hiking up mountains, walking my dogs in local forests, spending time with friends and family (before lockdown!) and watching the best football team in the world, Liverpool!

What made you interested in Bytes in the first place?

In 2016, while working for my local youth club on a cross-community programme, we attended a session delivered by Bytes. This was my first encounter with Bytes and I was instantly impressed with the organisation and thought to myself ‘I would love to work there one day’. Fast forward two years and I was successful in applying to be a part-time Youth Support Worker, working on the new Peace Bytes programme.

What is your favourite part about your job?

My favourite part about my job is that no two days are the same. Bytes works with a wide variety of teenagers and young adults with various needs, abilities and circumstances. We deliver many qualifications that can differ widely, this keeps us on our toes and insures we never get complacent. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the ability to help young people from across the country build their skills and knowledge, along with providing support for them in their personal lives.

How have you grown as an individual from starting in Bytes?

Since joining Bytes I have progressed from a part-time Youth Support Worker to a full-time Youth Development Worker. My skills in delivery have seen a massive increase, along with my confidence as a youth worker and facilitator. The Bytes Project constantly offer training schemes that help improve our skills and I am incredibly grateful for this.

What has made you stay at Bytes?

The reason I have stayed at Bytes is because, since day one, I have seen potential for growth within the organisation. Coming in fresh with limited facilitation experience, I was surrounded with work colleagues with years of experience and knowledge behind them. Through working alongside them I began to enhance my own skills as an individual facilitator. I knew it would not be an overnight process but with hard work, dedication, and a thick skin, I believed that one day I could become a full-time staff member and a big asset to the team!

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