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Working with disadvantaged young people in Northern Ireland for three decades

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help young people achieve their full potential and overcome any barriers they
may face. Each year, we aim to ensure that over 3,000 young people access digital technology in
communities of promise.

To help fulfil our mission, we have a comprehensive, holistic strategy for our youth work which can be viewed here.

In addition, we have also taken steps to ensure that our values and ethos are embedded into all our work.

To facilitate this, we have a unique Theory of Change, developed through staff & stakeholder input, that guides our work.

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Latest Updates

On a daily basis, we work with young people whose voices are underrepresented and ignored by wider society in Northern Ireland.

Our goal is to create accessible, non-judgmental spaces for young people to speak about issues affecting them and their communities, and to promote the voices of young people on local, regional & national issues.

Strong digital skills are vital for young people to access employment, education and a better quality of life, both now and in the future. Focusing on STEAM – Science, Technology, Art & Maths – we work to introduce participants in all our projects to essential digital skills.

We aim to give young people access to cutting edge digital education, by creating engaging sessions that are accessible and adaptable to any group or context.

Empathy is central to our youth work, and we continue to develop new approaches that enable greater levels of understanding between young people. With Northern Ireland’s history of sectarian violence, empathy and understanding have always been vital tools for youth workers and community groups.

By creating shared, non-judgmental spaces for young people to meet and interact, we have seen time and again how the youth of today will put aside prejudices to build safer, more inclusive communities.

Young people and communities need services that provide continued engagement and long-term support, through youth-led programmes.

Over the next three years, our goal is to mentor groups of young people to represent the needs of their peers, while giving voluntary youth work providers support and training, so that youth services become more accessible and youth-led.