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Rate your understanding of sustainable consumption and the importance of recycling, 1-5.(Required)
Rate your understanding of sustainable consumption and the importance of recycling, 1-5.(Required)
Do you participate in any environmental conservation or waste reduction initiatives? Yes/No.(Required)
Rate your school's efforts in promoting environmental education and how often you learn about sustainable living, 1-5.(Required)
Are you familiar with Marine Conservation Zones, the importance of protecting wildlife, and the concept of biodiversity in your region? Yes/No.(Required)
Do you think sustainable farming practices and protecting seabirds are essential? Yes/No.(Required)
Are you aware of the impact of agriculture on wildlife and the threat to marine life? Yes/No.(Required)
Do you believe more protected areas for wildlife are needed and participate in habitat restoration activities? Yes/No.(Required)
Rate the importance of community actions in managing natural resources and protecting local wildlife, 1-5.(Required)
Are you familiar with the concept of carbon footprint and sustainable food supply? Yes/No.(Required)
Do you think your lifestyle is environmentally friendly, and how often do you talk about environmental issues with friends or family? Rate 1-5.(Required)
Would you be interested in more outdoor environmental education at school? Yes/No.(Required)
Do you believe climate action can improve our future and that schools should have more focus on this topic? Yes/No.(Required)
Open-Ended: What actions do you think could be taken in your community to promote sustainable living?(Required)
Open-Ended: How can young people contribute to protecting local wildlife and habitats?(Required)

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