The Curiosity Lab is a planned programme of bespoke engagement that has been co-designed with young people who have had a long term involvement with The Bytes Project.

At the core of the project, Bytes will deliver an innovative and unique programme across both urban and rural communities that will support young social leaders in Northern Ireland, giving them a voice so that they can transform their communities and the world around them.

Over a three year period, Bytes aims to work with around 600 young people - 200 per year - to encourage social change by investing in young people and enabling them to become resilient, connected and collaborative change makers with the capability to tackle the social challenges of the 21st century. This work will link heavily with our Positive Sparks programme, which is developing a unique listening platform as a tool for youth-led social action.

While planning The Curiosity Lab, we have spent 18 months 'listening deeply and treading lightly', collecting stories from over 200 young people from urban and rural locations in Northern Ireland. This collection has amounted to over 1500 responses, giving us deep insight into the economic and social issues affecting young people (e.g. the realities of being a member of the LGBT community in a rural location, impact of homelessness etc.). Using this contemporary data, along with our long term experience of positive engagement with young people, we have planned a thorough and unique programme that we are excited to implement over the coming years.