As part of our partnership with the Antrim & Newtownabbey Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), Bytes runs a specific High Risk Youth Intervention programme in the area.

This programme is for young people who have previously been involved with the criminal justice system, or who have been identified as ‘at risk’ of becoming involved in the near future. Working with young people in small groups, the programme focuses on reducing rates of crime and reoffending within areas of high-level antisocial behaviour.

During the programme, we help young people to develop interpersonal skills, better articulate their struggles and to communicate constructively. We also seek to raise awareness of how anti-social behaviour and crime has a negative impact upon themselves, their families and their community.

Through a series of workshops we ask:

  • What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?
  • How does ASB impact the wider community?
  • Potential consequences for perpetrators and victims of ASB
  • ASB and the youth justice system

The programme also features a community project and 'Pizza with Peelers' – a Q&A session with the local PSNI.