May 2, 2018

Jonathan Agues – Ruiz a Spanish exchange student at Derry Bytes

At first I want to send a little Hello for the reader and I hope you’re going to enjoy the text. When you finish to read this text you can know the opinion and the knowledge from one Spanish person who stayed the North of Ireland for one month. I live in Derry and work for Bytes in Derry.


The first impression about that place is: OMG it’s a very cold country but very comfortable. The third day when you stay here you can see a lot of happy, politely, friendly people. They always try to be good and help you with anything you can imagine


What can I say about Derry? So it’s a very very beautiful city, with lots of places to visit and to enjoy, but not everything is good, if you came from a Mediterranean county, I’m sorry, you are going to miss your food, because here you have nice and healthy food but it’s not the same.


To work here it’s a good place, in Bytes I have meet a lot of people and all of them are good workmates, who make me happy. All the time they are smiling, they work very hard with lots of funny moments, I am enjoying the time here, it’s a good place to live, work or just for visit, good people, good work so I’m happy here.